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Electronics Lab

The main objective of this laboratory is “Learning by Doing”, to transform all the theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge. It is established to expose the student with practical awareness of the analog & digital components & devices like Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Regulated Power Supply, Digital Multimeter, Diode, Transistor (BJT & FET), and its characteristics as well as applications. Through this laboratory the students will attain a thorough understanding of various applications of basic electronic components.

Lab Configuration

  • Capacity of 45 students for each session.
  • Well-equipped Work Benches of 15 with a capability of 3 students for each bench.
  • Separate storage space for the components required to conduct experiments.
  • Sophisticated Analog & Digital Trainer kits.
  • Digital MultiMeter (DMM), Variable Power Supplies, Function Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO), Basic components such as Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, Transistors, Trainer kits, Rheostats, etc.
  • Pin Boards with display charts related to experiments as per curriculum.
  • Electrical Lab

    • Electrical Lab is equipped with Electrical Machine Trainer Kit, Auto Transformer, Transformer, Regulated Power Supplies, Digital Multimeters, Display of various Electrical accessories and other Electrical Engineering laboratory utilities.
    • Capacity of 72 students for each session, Well-equipped Work Benches with a capability of 6 students for each bench.
    • Separate storage space is arranged for the components required to conduct experiments
    • Pin Boards with display charts related to experiments are displayed on the walls in the lab as per curriculum.

    The Mechanical fitting shop

    The Mechanical fitting shop is equipped with all requirements for the manual metal working operations like Filing, Hacksawing, Hammering, Chipping, Number and Letter Punching, Tapping, Die passing, Reaming , Polishing etc.

    Different kinds of Charts (NIMI Charts) are displayed in the shop floor on the Pin Boards which will be suitable for the student to refer all kinds of Tools and measuring instruments and various operations like Drilling, Counter boring, Counter sinking, Tapping, Reaming, Chipping, Boring, Coordinate Drilling , Lathe operations, Milling operations, Power hacksawing, Surface grinding, Cylindrical grinding, Milling, all kinds of Milling cutters, Grinding wheels, single point cutting tools etc.

    The PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) posters are displayed at the prominent areas of ARSDC

    Machine Shop

    The machine shop is equipped with different kinds of machines like-Lathe machine, Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine, Power Hack saw etc.

    When the students go to industries, they will be getting the opportunity to work on all kinds of advanced machines like

    • CNC Milling machine
    • CNC Lathe
    • Surface Grinding machines
    • Cylindrical Grinding machines
    • Sparking Machine (EDM)
    • EDM wire cut machines
    • Power press
    • Press brake
    • Roll forming etc

    The Students are trained on various kinds of welding. Different types of welding machines are available in ARSDC.

    Students have to prepare the Exercise drawing and the work schedule before starting any operations on the machines.

    Students are get awareness to maintain 5S in the shop floor.

    All the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) are provided to the students while working on the machines in the machine shop.

    Drawing Hall

    We have the drawing hall with the following facilities.

    • Specially designed Drawing Tables for the students to sit and draw.
    • Drawing Instruments
    • LCD Projector and Screen
    • White Board
    • Pin Boards with various Technical and Non-Technical charts.

    Computer Lab

    • Computer Lab is well equipped with high configuration computers.
    • All these computing resources are inter-connected with high speed intranet having 20 Mbps dedicated Internet connectivity.
    • The computer lab is equipped with high end computers and latest software applications.
    • All the computers are having latest version of M S Office and AutoCAD


    Students have the facility to refer the books according to the schedule.

    Library has technical and Non-Technical books.

    Class Rooms

    • The Class Rooms are well furnished with wooden Desks, White Boards and Pin Boards with display Charts.
    • Amara Raja Skill Development Centre focuses on E-Learning.
    • Our Class Rooms are fully equipped with LCD projectors and other teaching aids.

    Hostel - "A home away from home"

    Boys Hostel

    capacity of 540 students.

    Girls Hostel

    capacity of 240 students

    • Excellent dining facilities with hygienic foods
    • Medical facilities
    • Sports & ARTS facilities
    • Pollution free environment.
    • It has a 24 hour security.
    • Each room is furnished with cots, mosquito nets and storage space.
    • Basic amenities in each floor with TV, DTH connections
    • Sports facilities like Volley ball, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Foot Ball, Chess boards, Carom Boards are available in the hostels.
    • Hostels Warden to take care of students
    • Provision of running hot water in bathrooms among all the floors.
    • In each dormitory 12 students are accommodated with a good storage space.
    • Indoor Games room, TV room and Playground for outdoor games.
    • To maintain best fitness levels for students, regular activities like morning jogging, Meditation,
      yoga etc. are conducted on a regular (daily) basis.
    • Cloth washing areas are provided

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